A Thermal Binding Machine will save you plenty of time and money. It will give you the best result you can achieve for any business document.

Using wire or plastic combs are fine for binding documents. However for very important business documents worth thousands of dollars, we advise you to use a Thermal Binder.


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Your business documents bound with a Thermal Binder will impress!

Do you have a Unibind Thermal Binding Machine and cannot get the Thermal Binding Machine crystal covers? No problem. Our Win Crystal covers are compatible with all Unibind machines.

Never has binding been so easy and yet look so good. Using the Win steel crystal binding cover presents your documents in a smart professional way.

How to use a Thermal Binding for your business documents

There is no binding hole punching required and several documents can be bound at the same time.

    1. Put pages in the Binding cover and place on the element on the machine.
    2. The machine turns on automatically and off again after 90 seconds.
    3. Your binding is now complete. There is no warm up time.
    4. Rigid steel spine ensures that pages will not fall out.

Bound documents open flat and stay open.

We have a wide choice of Thermal Binder cover sizes and colours available. Colours available: black, dark blue, blue, red, burgundy, dark green. NB some colours not available in larger sizes.

Winbind Steel Crystal Covers are compatible with all Unibind machines.

Our Thermal Binder requires a low operating cost and is very affordable to buy and use.

Winbind Thermal Binding Products NZ

  • Winbind Thermal Binding Machine

    Binding Machine Thermal Steelbind

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