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Steelbind Thermal Binding Machine

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Quick and easy to use as no punching required Binds documents up to 34 mm thick (340 sheets 80 gsm)

Steelbind SB136 Thermal Binding Machine

Welcome to New Zealand Binding, in this video we are going introduce Thermal Steelbinding and demonstrate our SB136 machine.

Thermal Steelbinding is our premium binding method. In contrast to conventional comb and wire binding there is no punching required which not only makes binding easier but also produces a smarter and more professional finish to your documents.

The thermal covers consist of a metal spine with a coloured leathergrain texture. The inside of the spine is coated with a glue, that when heated, securely binds the document. Each cover comes with a clear A4 front and back already attached.

We have different colour options available so you can colour co-ordinate the spines with your documents. The covers come in a variety of thicknesses for documents up to 340 sheets of 80 gsm.

To get started with the SB136 ensure the switch on the side of the machine is on.

The glue is already inside the metal spine so take your document and place into the cover ensuring it is level then simply place it onto the heat element of the machine. The element is magnetic and will automatically begin heating upon contact, with no warm time required.

After 2 minutes the machine will beep and the light will turn blue to signal the heating is complete so remove the cover and ensure pages are straight before placing onto the rack for a few minutes to cool.

The great thing about this method is that multiple covers, depending on thickness, can be put on the machine at once to save time.

Thermal Steelbinding is quickly becoming the preferred binding method when looking for a simple but premium way to bind important documents. The modern and professional finish far surpasses comb or wire bound documents and as first impressions count it’s perfect for any sales or marketing materials given externally to customers or potential clients.

Thermal Steelbinding can also be known as Unibind, Winbind, Steel Crystal Binding or VIP hardcover binding.

We can also produce bespoke covers with a custom design so please contact us if you want to know more or have questions regarding compatibility with your existing thermal products.

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9 reviews for Binding Machine Thermal Steelbind

  1. Mischelle Teahan (verified owner)

    Impeccable communication and great customer service! Adrian was extremely helpful and patient with my questions about thermal binding machines and guillotines, making the purchase of one of each of these so easy! My life as an administrator is almost complete! Now to talk to the boss into getting a laminator – and I know where I’ll be getting that from – no one else but NZ Binding !!!!!!!

  2. Grace Sun (verified owner)

    We ordered the thermal binding machines for our company through the website for the first time.
    The service was prompt and kind.
    We’d like to recommend NZ binding and order the binding covers as well later on.
    Thank you.

  3. r.misst (verified owner)

    I found Adrian a very pleasant person and very helpful who went out of his way to send the machine in time for me to reach my deadlines with some binding work. The machine worked very well and the book was bound well. I am looking for a press to keep the books well pressed after heating and binding and I hope Adrian comes up with something. I won’t hesitate to buy it from him if he does have something of that nature. On the whole my experience with buying the thermal binding machine from NZ Binding was a very cordial one, professional and customer-centered, something NZ business has been and which seems to be slipping as business is getting global. I hope NZ Binding continues its great tradition of keeping the customer satisfied of which they are doing an excellent job. I do not hesitate to recommend them to the those seeking professional products for their binding requirements. I am sure they will find that excellent NZ tradition of customer care well above the norm.

  4. Kevin Kim (verified owner)

    Best customer service! Quality Products

  5. Clendon Park School (verified owner)

    I had done a bit of shopping around to try and find a decent binder for school documents. We have a plastic binder at our school but I felt it didn’t quite achieve that professional look. I had seen a colleague get a document ‘perfect’ bound and had rung several local businesses to see what the cost would be to get a document binded. Most businesses did not do one or two copies, there was a minimum of 20 copies as they printed the pages too, this didn’t suit me as I only wanted a document binded. I finally found NZ Binding that offered the machine for a fraction of a price. I would highly recommend using this, it is much faster than the plastic bound machines and adds that professional look for important documents. Adrian was easy to work with as I had a few concerns before making the purchase, the equipment arrived two days after I ordered it and he is even followed up with a phone call to ensure everything was working well.

  6. hayley.poole (verified owner)

    Great customer service, prompt delivery.

    Thermal binding machine and covers produce high quality, professional looking documents.

  7. Keyz (verified owner)

    A great company with an amazing service and products. Highly recommended.

  8. Jan Thomson (verified owner)

    NZ Binding were so great to deal with – very prompt in their response time and very helpful with any questions I had. Once my order was placed, it arrived within 24 hours and I was binding within minutes of opening the package. The thermal binding is such a professional finish for our documents.

  9. John Luxton (verified owner)

    This transaction was a breeze. I have become used to pretty average service when buying online, but these guys just took my order and had it dispatched in what seemed like the same 24 hour period. The system works perfectly and to be completely honest I would recommend them to anyone looking for anything to do with binding. Well done and know that we will trade again as soon as my sleeves start to run out.

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