Binding Machine Manual Wire 3:1 WM771

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WM771 Manual Wire Binding Machine

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Metal construction Can punch through 12 sheets of 80 gsm paper Bind documents up to 120 sheets of 80 gsm paper (14 mm thickness) Uses 34-loop Metal Wires from 6 mm to 14 mm Adjustable margin for customisable binding Disengageable Pins to bind custom sized documents Easy to use with a single handle for binding and clamping Removable waste paper tray.

WM771 Manual Wire Binding Machine

Welcome to New Zealand Binding, in this video we are going to demonstrate the WM771 which is our entry level 3 to 1 Manual Wire machine.

First you’ll need to check the pins are in the correct position for the page dimension you are using, in this case all pushed in for A4.

The dial on the top of the machine needs to be set to punch, which is the yellow section.

Before you start any binding always test with a piece of scrap paper to ensure that the holes are centred along the length of the document.

You can adjust the position of the holes by moving the paper guide and margin lever.

Now that we’re ready to bind make sure pages are level and place the document into the machine ensuring it is tight against the paper guide.

When ready pull down the large handle on the right to punch the paper and put the pages face down on the desk.

We recommend punching no more than 12 sheets of 80 gsm or 2 clear acetate covers in one go to avoid damaging the machine.

Once all pages have been punched for a neat finish move the back page to the front as this will hide the join inside your document once bound.

Make sure all holes line up and place document on the edge of the desk with a slight overhang.

Turn the dial on top of the machine to adjust the clamp to the size of the wire you are using.

Thread the wire through the holes just enough so that the C opening is facing towards you.

Pinch the bottom of the document just above the wire tightly to lock it in position and carefully place the document in the magnetic clamp, ensuring the wire is flat.

Pull the handle towards you slowly until the clamp grips the wire and then squeeze firmly.

Remove the document and ensure wire is evenly clamped.

The join should be clearly visible but closing the back page will conceal this inside the document.

Your document is now ready.

Don’t forget when binding to empty the tray regularly as this will avoid the machine getting jammed.

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9 reviews for Binding Machine Manual Wire 3:1 WM771

  1. Paulette Watt (verified owner)

    We purchased a wire binding machine from NZ Binding. This was our first experience with this type of machine and we couldn’t be happier with the item and the service from NZ Binding. We had the pleasure of having the machine delivered by a very helpful member of the company and were given a lesson on how to operate it. Excellent product and company.

  2. Neil Hefford (verified owner)

    I have been using the YDWM771 binder for about 2 weeks, altho the manual that came with it didnt tell me very much It was straightforward enough to at least get started.
    I then had a very helpful return phone call from Adrian who sent me a video link. I love my binding machine, I am using it to make upcycled journals with collaged covers. Easy and sturdy enough for lots of use.

  3. Sally Cooke (verified owner)

    Fantastic service. Rang NZ Binding one day, machine arrived within 2 days. Incredibly fast and so helpful. The advice given over the phone when deciding what to order was fantastic and the service incredibly good. The helpful videos on the website meant even I could operate the machine first time!! I even got a follow up phone call yesterday to check we were happy with the machine. You guys set a great standard in customer care. Would recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thank you!

  4. Richard Bradford (verified owner)

    Friendly Helpful and nothing is a problem. We take a leaf out what you do for your clients and aspire to emulate you. We purchased a wire binding machine entry level plus wire bindings, front and back covers. Turns our itinerary products into a very professional product.
    Richard Bradford

  5. hello.karaka (verified owner)

    This is a great little wire binding machine that effectively and simply does the job well. NZ Binding was the most competitively priced and made the process of purchasing very easy. It arrived within a couple of days along with the wire coils and with the help of the user videos provided on their website we were up and running in no time.
    Would definitely recommend.

  6. Anne Cassey (verified owner)

    I purchased the Manual Wire Binding Machine and it is great! The instructions were super clear, and the machine is easy to use. Products come out perfect every time.

  7. liz (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the NZ Binding website, easy to follow and great to have the chat service. Two days after I made my order the goods arrived in excellent condition. Followed by a phone call to make sure goods had arrived and to make sure I knew how to work the Wire Binder correctly.
    I must say this service is first class and much appreciated in today’s world.

  8. Justin Sturrock (verified owner)

    Good Advice from Dion which helped in the purchase with deciding what was the best suited machine for us. We have used the machine a few times now with good success and produced good documentation.

  9. Geraldine Tew (verified owner)

    Good quality binding machine with lots of videos on the website to help with use. Quick delivery and follow up customer service. Buy kiwi.

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