Laminators A4 A3 Sale and selected Binding Machines. This month and next is all about all our full range of Binding Machines and Laminators. Save money off selected machines. Keep up to date for our full range of Comb or Wire Binding Machines and our very popular Steel Binding Machine. And save $100 off all our Laminators!!!

Laminators A4 A3 Sale and selected Binding Machines too.

  • Sale! LM260 A4 Laminating Machine

    A4 Laminating Machine 4 Roller LM260

    $325.00 excl. GST
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  • Sale! LM320 A3 Laminating Machine

    A3 Laminating Machine 4 Roller LM320

    $395.00 excl. GST
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If you didn’t have time to stock up for laminating supplies last month, this month is ideal. Order our quality A4 or A3 Laminating Pouches – Buy in bulk to save up to 35% OFF! Order from NZ Binding for the best price, fast delivery and expert advice and service 😊 Do take a minute to give us a 5 Star Rating on Facebook and Google! Complete a 5 Star business review to get a 10% DISCOUNT off your next order.

  • Laminating pouches

    Laminating Pouches Gloss A4 80 micron

    $17.95 excl. GST
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  • Laminating Pouches Gloss A3 80 micron

    $45.50 excl. GST
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  • Laminating pouches

    Laminating Pouches Matt A4 100 micron

    $33.95 excl. GST
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Time to upgrade your Binding Machine?

Book a Free Demo for our Latest Comb or Wire Binding and Thermal Binding Machines. Simply book our free demo and Adrian canmeet in your office. Book a free demo below.

NZ Binding Machines are carefully sourced for best quality and results. Protecting your documents and presenting your business information is very important. Your customers deserve quality business document presentation. We have the right binding machine solution for you.

We sell office binding machines for sales proposals and financial reports. When you have large volumes we sell binding machines for mass production of bound documents. Our wide selection of binding machines includes; Manual or Electric for Comb, Wire or Coil. We also sell Thermal binding machines.

Binding Machine Sale for Manual or Electric machines!

  • Sale! CM701 Manual Comb Binding Machine

    Binding Machine Comb CM701

    $649.00 excl. GST
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  • Sale! CM701E Electric Comb Binding Machine

    Binding Machine Electric Comb CM701E

    $1,295.00 excl. GST
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  • Sale!

    Binding Machine Manual Wire WM703

    $845.00 excl. GST
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  • Sale!

    Binding Machine Electric Wire WM703E

    $1,395.00 excl. GST
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Thermal Binding Machine now our Number One Seller!

Quick and easy to use as no punching required Binds documents up to 34 mm thick (340 sheets 80 gsm)

  • Winbind Thermal Binding Machine

    Binding Machine Thermal Steelbind

    $350.00 excl. GST
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