Laminating Tips to help you get the best results. Pouch laminators are becoming increasingly popular and are very cost effective to acquire. Just because the prices have reduced doesn’t mean you have to accept inferior quality results. With a little bit of care and attention you can produce great results every time with the below 5 laminating tips.

5 Laminating Tips – Here are the common problems and how to solve them

  1. The laminating pouches are coming apart at the edges. Laminating Tips Number 1 – Whenever your document comes out of the machine and the pouch hasn’t been completely sealed, it means there wasn’t enough laminate around the item. This is usually because your document is too big for your pouch or you have not put your document in the pouch straight. Open the pouch fully and make sure your document is butted up to the top of the sealed end of the pouch. Lay it flat and check that there is an even (minimum of 3mm) of laminate all around the edge. This should ensure the pouch remains sealed.
  2. The laminated document is cloudy or there are air bubbles. Laminating Tips Number 2 – If you experience this it usually means that the temperature is too low and the adhesive in the pouch has not melted properly. This is easily solved by turning up the temperature slightly and running the pouch through the laminator a second time.
  3. The laminated document has wavy lines on it. Laminating Tips Number 3 – Again this is a temperature problem but this time it is set too high. There is nothing you can do to repair this document but try reducing the temperature, placing a new document in a pouch and trying again. If it is an important or expensive document it is best to test a similar piece of paper first to get the temperature correct.
  4. There are spots all over my laminated document. Laminating Tips Number 4 – Sometimes glue deposits can build up on the rollers and they need to be cleaned. You can easily do this yourself, there are quite a few kits on the market or you can use a small amount of white spirit on a cloth. If you are not comfortable doing this, we are happy to service your machine for you.
  5. My laminated pouches are still not great. Laminating Tips Number 5 – If you are sure you have the temperature correct and the document inserted correctly you may need to look at the pouch itself. Maybe it is a poor quality pouch. At NZ Binding we only supply high quality pouches and would be happy to send you a sample to see if this solves your problem.

Laminating tips

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