Laminator machines are excellent for your home, office, or school. Laminating has many uses outside of protecting your paper pieces. We have a few DIY laminating ideas for you to try out at your home or school.

Get Creative with your Laminator machine

The laminator is a core piece of equipment in any office. There are many practical benefits when you laminate items in your office. A common example includes protecting your important documents from smudges or finger prints. For a lot of people, that’s their main reason for using a laminator.

We’re going to share a few creative ideas which we’ve seen over the years. If you have any other cool uses, please feel free to share them on our Facebook page. We love hearing from our fans.

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Three DIY Laminator projects for your home and school

Create laminated educational games for your kids. This one is great for parents or teachers as there are many online resources which let you download activities to print off. You can create laminated items for bingo, flash cards, or crossword puzzles.

You can also get the kids involved by letting them create bookmarks or art pieces for you to laminate. These little projects are great for keeping your kids busy on the weekend or even on their holiday. The great thing about having items laminated is that you can keep your kids artwork for many years to come.

Do you love cooking? Why not create your own laminated recipe books. Print out a wide range of recipes from sweet to savoury foods and laminate them. You can also arrange the recipes by food types and even have them bound.

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