The 2 intrepid explorers Lewis and Clarke started their binding machines journey in 2012 after many hours in coffee shops.

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10 Years Expertise Selling Binding Machines NZ And Office Supplies

Brent Lewis was working for a large stationery company selling binding machines while Adrian Clarke was busy in his printing business using binding machines nz products.

Adrian, fresh from a seminar by the world famous Dmitri Stern was eager to join forces with Brent and combine their knowledge to seek NZ domination of the binding machines nz supplies market.

And So NZ Binding Was Born

By February 2013, 9 tonnes of binding combs, wire coils, binding machines NZ, acetate front covers and leathergrain back covers sat on the shelves of their Mt Wellington warehouse.

The NZ Binding website was taking shape as Lewis and Clarke prepared to do battle with WebDav and Cyberduck. Eventually after numerous cups of coffee the battle was won and the first chapter of the binding machines NZ journey complete.

Adrian Clarke Your Printing And Business Management Expert

Adrian Clarke Director NZ Binding

Father of three and grandfather of two has sadly spent his entire life in the printing industry, trained as a typesetter and running his own printing companies in England for 17 years and New Zealand for the last 7.

Living in Auckland since 2005,  hobbies include fitness and really bad guitar playing.

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  • Professionalism: Our team has over 10 years experience using and selling binding machines and office binding supplies.
  • Quality products: We know the importance for quality binding machines and office supplies that will last.
  • Price: We make sure to provide the best price online.
  • One-Stop-Shop: Our aim is to make sure your buying experience is easy and productive.
  • Fast delivery: We work hard to make sure your online orders are delivered on time.

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