What is steel binding? Steel binding covers are one of the best binding products you can use for your printed documents. NZ Binding has been endorsing the use of steelbind covers for many years! You’ll be very proud to show off your steel bound documents to anyone.

What is Steel Binding and what can it do for you?

Steel binding is a type of binding product that is completely unique from your standard plastic spines. The steel binding provides a stronger core to your bound documents. Which allows for the covers of your documents to be fully protected as no sheet will ever fall out.

Hook your Target Audience with Steel Binding

Presentation plays a large role in catching anyone’s attention. From work proposals to client training, the initial image you portray says a lot about you. A lovely small touch such as a steel bound report could help you achieve your presentation goals.

Steel binding gives you a level of durability that you need to have. A worst case scenario would be to have your 50 page bound proposal break due to a weak spine. The metal build means you’ll have greater support for your documents. Don’t take an unnecessary risks and bind your documents using our steel bound products.

Winbind Thermal Binding Machine

Steel Binding Covers are Available in New Zealand

NZ Binding have over 10 years worth of experience working in the binding industry. We’ve seen first hand how the market has changed and how innovation has swept the industry. Steel binding covers are one of the best products available right now.

All Thermal Binding Covers

Not only do we sell steel binding covers and machines, we also provide an Auckland Binding Service. This service is great for local businesses or schools that need quick binding jobs completed. We work hard to ensure that our Auckland binding service is to the highest standards. Check out our online store or talk to us now for a free quote.

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