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What was the problem the customer needed solving?

A law firm in the centre of Auckland contacted us to discuss the best binding solution for their busy office. They had been using a basic wire machine to bind both internal and external documents however it was now “on its last legs” and needed to be replaced.

This customer was happy with the quality of wires when binding external documents. Although the business owner commented how this seemed “an overkill” for the majority of their binding work. Which was just basic documents that remained internal.

Ideally they wanted to continue being able to produce “smart and professional” documents for external clients. However they also wanted the flexibility of a “cheap and cheerful” option for their internal documents. These documents are simply filed away in their office.

The customer initially approached us wanting to purchase a new wire binding machine. So to replace the old one and was also considering purchasing another machine. Plus an additional plastic comb binding machine to provide a “cheap and cheerful” option.

Key Points for this Busy Law Firm Office Case Study

  • This customer currently wire binds all documents
  • This customer produces bound documents for both internal and external use.
  • A professional finish is the key requirement for the external documents given to clients.
  • A basic and economical binding method would be adequate for the internal documents.

How did we help them solve the problem?

Many of our customers typically bind documents of a similar nature day in day out and therefore only require a single binding solution. However we fully appreciate some customer would benefit from a more flexible approach to their binding.

The ST960 dual machine is the perfect binding machine when versatility is required as it combines both a wire and comb machine onto a single unit.

Not only does this mean a significant saving compared to buying separate comparable comb and wire machine but additionally this means the office isn’t congested with multiple binding machines.

We presented the customer with the potential saving of purchasing the ST960 compared against the individual professional level comb and wire binding machines, a summary of which can be seen below.

What was the outcome for the Best binding methods Solution?

The customer was happy with our proposed solution and purchased the ST960 for their office.

The initial cost saving compared to buying separate comb and wire machines was a huge benefit and made it much easier to justify with their purchasing manager.

They had space in the office for a single machine and were originally planning on having a comb machine in the office and a wire machine in storage and swapping them over once a day to enable both wire and comb binding.

However being able to bind both comb and wire on a single machine removes all that extra hassle and makes the binding process of all their documents considerably easier.

Overall we feel this is a definite win all round as we have found the ideal solution for this customer’s specific circumstance.

Binding Machine Comparison Costs

  1. CM701 Manual Comb Binding Machine $545
  2. WM703 Manual Wire Binding Machine $745

Total $1290

  1. ST960 Dual Comb and Wire Machine $995


Watch our ST960 Dual Comb and Wire Machine machine video

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