Thermal Steelbinding Case Study – An insurance advisor in charge of a small sales team got in contact with us as he was unhappy with his company’s binding process and wanted to discuss his options. They had a comb machine in their office and had always comb bound proposals they gave to prospects.

The team found this method annoying to use as they often would have multiple proposals to create. The documents were quite thick so it was a time consuming process to punch each one and then bind. They don’t have an admin person so they have to do these themselves. They were also not satisfied with the finish comb binding provided as they felt it looked low budget and somewhat old fashioned.

Getting new customers takes a great deal of time and effort

The insurance advisor’s team work tirelessly to generate new leads and they only get one opportunity to make a good impression. In such a competitive marketplace they need every edge they can get, including a professional sales proposal that stands out from their competition.

Thermal Steelbinding Documents

First we discussed the option of wire binding and he definitely preferred the finish to comb binding but there was still the hassle of having to both punch and bind the proposals. Thermal Steelbinding was not something he had previously heard of so I explained the process and how it would be simpler for them as there would be no punching required.

I referred him to our Thermal Steelbinding video so he could show the team how it worked and get their thoughts on the look. Initially he was skeptical that glue could adequately hold the pages together but I assured him that it is a similar process to how books are made and he was very keen to have some samples for him and his team to have a look at. Fortunately as they were based in Auckland I was able to go in with the machine and the covers to fully demonstrate the process to all of them. After they had the chance to Steelbind one of their proposals and see how the finished product looked it was really easy decision for them as the proposal was exactly what they were after.

Thermal Steelbinding Case Study Savings

Before confirming the switch he had to get approval by performing a cost analysis and found that the price would increase from around $0.40 per comb bound proposal to $1.70 per Steelbound proposal with the only startup cost being the purchase of the Thermal Steelbinding machine which is $325. New prospects were often worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year to the company and once everyone had seen the quality difference between the comb and Steelbind they all agreed it’s clearly a worthwhile investment.

Thermal Steelbinding Case Study

After following up a few weeks later they were all really happy with how it was going. They commented on how practical it was as the machine is easily stored when not in use and only takes a second to set up and put away. Their customers also commented on the new binding method and it became great talking point with some clients even being referred back to us here to get samples for themselves to use. They still use the comb binding machine occasionally for in house documents but love that they have the Steelbind option for anything they deem important.

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Check out the demonstration video below to see how easy it is to create professional looking documents or contact us to find out more about how you can upgrade your binding.

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  • Winbind Thermal Binding Machine

    Binding Machine Thermal Steelbind

    $350.00 Excl. GST
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