Read our size for wire binding coils guide here. Occasionally a customer will ask us, “What size wire have I got?” This will either be for loose unused wires that they don’t have the box anymore or for bound documents that they wish to replicate. This is not a problem and can easily be found out.

Learn the right size for wire binding coils

The first thing to check is the length of the wire, more often than not it measures 285mm, this is the standard length for the long edge of an A4 sheet of paper. Occasionally it will come in A5 size (around 210mm) or a non standard length (either cut down or from a spool).

If it is an odd size, measure from one loop to the next, approximately 8mm for 3:1 wire or 12mm for 2:1 wire. However if it is the standard 285mm length you can count the loops (34 for 3:1 and 23 for 2:1). This will tell you the pitch of the wire.

To find out the size of the wire you can either measure the opening of an unused wire or the diameter of a clamped wire. (see diagram).

size for wire binding coils

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