Wire binding documents tips and advice. Here at NZ Binding we occasionally get asked if we stock 21 loop wire coils. The simple answer is, “No we don’t stock them but we can get them in for you”.

21 loop wire is not widely used but some Rexel dual (comb and wire) binding machines use it. The reason for this is that these machines use the same 21 hole punch for both plastic combs and metal wires. Because of the mass popularity of the 34 loop standard binding wire, it is considerably cheaper (about a quarter of the price) of the 21 loop wire and the colour and size options are more varied.

Wire binding documents tips and advice

If you only use wire occasionally then the inconvenience of price and availability are not too bad but if you intend to bind with wire on a regular basis it is a good idea to upgrade to a 3:1 34 loop wire binding machine. Ask us about a demo, we will be happy to help.

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