This durable WW2018 Manual Dual Wire Binding Machine from NZ Binding is designed to meet the requirements of a busy office. Comes with a one year warranty and is fully compatible with our full range of Metal Wire and Binding Covers.

NZ Binding WW2018 Dual Wire Binding Machine 3:1 and 2:1 Demo Video

WW2018 Dual Wire Binding Machine Demo

Welcome to New Zealand Binding, in this video we are going to demonstrate the WW2018 which is our professional level, dual, 3 to 1 and 2 to 1 Manual Wire machine.

  1. For 3 to 1. First you’ll need check the pins are in the correct position for the page dimension you are using, in this case 34 pushed in for A4.
  2. Before you start any binding always test with a piece of scrap paper to ensure that the holes are centred along the length of the document.
  3. You can adjust the position of the holes by moving the paper guide and margin lever.
  4. Now that we’re ready to bind make sure pages are level and place the document into the machine ensuring it is tight against the paper guide.
  5. When ready pull down the large handle on the right to punch the paper and put the pages face down on the desk.
  6. We recommend punching no more than 25 sheets of 80gsm or 2 clear acetate covers in one go to avoid damaging the machine.
  7. Once all pages have been punched for a neat finish move the back page to the front as this will hide the join inside your document once bound.
  8. Make sure all holes line up and place document on the edge of the desk with a slight overhang.
  9. Adjust the clamp to the size of the wire you are using.
  10. Thread the wire through the holes just enough so that the C opening is facing towards you.
  11. Pinch the bottom of the document just above the wire tightly to lock it in position and carefully place the document in the magnetic clamp, ensuring the wire is flat.
  12. Pull the handle towards you slowly until the clamp grips the wire and then squeeze firmly.
  13. Remove the document and ensure wire is clamped sufficiently; the clamp can be adjusted using the dial if required.
  14. The join should be clearly visible but closing the back page will conceal this inside the document.
  15. Your document is now ready.
  16. If using the larger 2 to 1 wire, again check the pins are in the correct position for the page dimension you are using, in this case 23 pushed in for A4.
  17. Use the rear punch and the remainder of the process is the same as for 3 to 1.
  18. Don’t forget when binding to empty the tray regularly as this will avoid the machine getting jammed.

This machine is eligible for nationwide free delivery, comes with a one year warranty and is fully compatible with our range of Metal Wire and Binding Covers.

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