Corbin Featherstone recently completed a business review of NZ Binding. He placed an order for a new binding unit, backing boards, wire clippers and wire-coils. He is extremely delighted with our services. Read his business review below.

NZ Binding Business Review From Corbin Featherstone

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We had an urgent need for 300 DLE wire-bound booklets. The lead-time was less than two days, commercial printers couldn’t accommodate the short turn around. We finally received a local print-shop offer of $7 per unit, but only if we could provide them with in-house printing.
Trying to keep costs down I hit Google and lucked onto Adrian straight out of the gate. A quick phone call confirmed a new binding unit, backing boards, wire clippers and wire-coils sufficient to cover our needs would arrive first thing the following morning. Adrian arrived at 9:30am, set up the unit and gave us all a binding tutorial.
Five hours later we had 300 perfectly bound booklets ready for the event. Plus one whole binding machine set up in our office for future events. All for half the cost of sending them out to a professional.

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