Read about binding presentation covers for your business documents and reports. Clear plastic binding covers are generally used for the front presentation cover. Clear presentation covers are available in either A4 or A3 and their thickness is measured in microns. 200 microns is the standard but some customers prefer 250.

Binding presentation covers are not expensive

Clear covers or acetates as they are sometimes known form a see through protective layer for your documents. Usually gloss but we also provide an A4 version of the 250 micron in a frosted (matte) finish that doesn’t show fingerprints as much. Presentation covers are very easy to use and from $15.48 for 100 you can’t go wrong. Our sales team can also help you select the right plastic clear covers for your business documents.

Binding presentation covers are very professional

Leathergrain backs are textured card to make it look like leather. In A3 we have black only but in A4 we have Black, blue, red, navy, white, green, grey or royal blue. All covers are available in a standard 250gsm (thickness of the card) and the black, white, red and blue are also available in a slightly thicker 300gsm. These leathergrain backs add a professional finish to documents and increase rigidity. When wire binding they act as a perfect way to hide the join.

Binding presentation covers will impress your clients.

We also have many customers using binding presentation covers for training manuals. Our binding supplies are important to ensure the professional presentation of your proposals and reports.

When you need binding presentation covers to be versatile and long lasting, we have a wide range for sale. Plastic clear presentation covers are the most popular for use and presentation. Perfect for front covers matched with the black leathergrain backs.

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