There are many options for binding covers and backs for both front and back covers when binding your documents. Customers are often confused with the varying thicknesses of both our clear binding covers and our leathergrain backs. This ​​is unfortunately due to the way that backs and covers are measured differently to each other.

Clear plastic binding covers for your business documents

​Clear covers (sometimes referred to as acetates or mylar) which includes A4, A3, clear and frosted (also referred to as opaqued) are measured in microns, ​1 micron = 1/1000 of a millimetre​. The two thicknesses that we stock are standard (200 micron) and heavy (250 micron). They are usually used on the front of bound documents to give a bit of protection whilst still allowing the front page image to be clearly visible.

Binding covers and backs for A4 and A3 business documents

Leathergrain backs are measured in grams per square metre (GSM)​, as the name suggests, this is the weight of a one metre square sheet of card. The two sizes we stock are 250gsm (standard) and 300gsm (heavy). They come in a variety of colours which can be coordinated with either the plastic comb or wire being used. In A3 they are available in black or white, both 300gsm. In A4 they are available in blue, red, black and white in the heavier 300gsm and black, white, blue, red, navy, green, grey or royal blue in the standard 250gsm. Leathergrain backs are a textured card that is used and the back of your document to give a smart finish and a bit of rigidity.

Another alternative for the back of your document is gloss covers, these are available in either A3 or A4 white 350gsm. We love talking about binding, so if you have any further questions we would love to hear from you.

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