Winbind Steel Crystal Covers are a perfect way to bind your loose sheets of paper. In just a few seconds, your documents can be covered in clear crystal covers with a steel spine. Well known for their quality and durable products, you’ll impress anyone with these crystal covers.

Winbind Steel Crystal Covers are Built to Last

Winbind Steel Crystal Covers are one of the most professional-looking binding covers on the market. Not only do they look stunning but the design is made to give you a product that is built to last.

The steel spine provides a strong base that will keep all of your sheets in place. When your documents are bound by 2 crystal covers and have a steel base you can bet that your documents will be protected. You’ll never have to worry about your pages falling out in the middle of your meeting!

A Flexible Binding Solution

In addition to being very durable, the Winbind Steel Crystal Covers are a very flexible solution for all of your document needs. From reports to school handbooks, these covers are very adaptable.

We love how easy it is to add or remove sections without having to buy new binding covers. The great thing about the U-channel design is that you can still add or remove any sheets after you have finished binding. The benefits of these covers are one of the many reasons that they are such a popular option.

If you don’t have a binding machine at your office, we have a binding service right here in Auckland!

Winbind Steel Crystal Covers come in Various Colours and Sizes

Aside from the practical benefits, you can also choose your very own cover styles. These covers allow you to choose a clear or matte finish on the front or back. We have a large range of colour and sizing options. Just ask us if you want your covers to match your company colours.

If you have a UniBind system, don’t worry our covers are fully compatible!

Contact our team for any enquiries!

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