What is thermal binding? Thermal binding is one of the best methods to binding any documents. One of the main selling points is that you don’t need to punch any holes before you bind! This allows you to achieve a very clean and professional look for your documents.

What is Thermal Binding and how you use it?

Thermal Binding uses heat to create a low cost but very professional look for your documents. This style of binding allows you to easily add or remove pages which have already been bound. This sounds like it may compromise the strength of the spine but thermal binding is actually one of the strongest binding solutions available.

A WinBind thermal binding machine can bind up to 30 documents in one minute. The glue used to seal the spine has been created to achieve a very clean and professional look for your documents. Don’t worry if you don’t own a WinBind thermal binding machine, we offer an Auckland Binding service from our head office.

How to use WinBind Thermal Binding Machines

Once you learn the basic steps, thermal binding machines are very easy to use. If you have a UniBind system, don’t worry our covers are fully compatible!

  1. Print your documents and select a WinBind Steel crystal cover.
  2. Place your document in the steel crystal cover.
  3. Select the appropriate settings for your machine.
  4. Place the WinBind Steel crystal cover in the Thermal Binding Machine.
  5. The thermal binding machine will alert you when the process is finished.
  6. Place your document on the cooling bay area.
  7. Once the adhesive is cooled, your documents are ready to go!

View our WinBind Thermal Binding Range now

NZ binding currently stock the WinBind 136 Thermal Binding Machine, which is one of the best thermal binding machines available. We also have a wide range of WinBind steel crystal covers with sizes varying from 1-36 mm. Feel free to talk to one our expert team members if you have any enquiries.

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