Plastic binding combs are hardly a new concept, they have been around for many years. However, despite its simplistic design, nothing new on the market can truly Plastic Binding Combsreplace it.

Plastic Binding Combs are irreplaceable

Plastic binding combs are cheap to produce, easy to use and bound documents can be re-opened and added to, covering sizes from 1 sheet to 500 sheets. Nothing new on the market can boast all of these qualities.

A binding machine punches 21 evenly spaced 9mm long rectangular holes covering 210mm (length of A4 sheet of paper). (19 holes for the American market due to the difference in size of a standard sheet of paper).

Every machine across New Zealand will be set up to punch the holes in exactly the same place. Combs come in a variety of sizes and colours from 6mm (to take up to 10 80gsm sheets) right up to 51mm (to take up to 500 80gsm sheets).

Still the most versatile, semi permanent binding method available.

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  • Sale! LM320 A3 Laminating Machine

    A3 Laminating Machine 4 Roller LM320

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    A4 Binding Backs Yellow 125 Pack

    $46.95 Excl. GST
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  • Sale! LM260 A4 Laminating Machine

    A4 Laminating Machine 4 Roller LM260

    $325.00 Excl. GST
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