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What was the problem the customer needed solving?

The customer had a small comb binding machine which only punched a few sheets at a time. All of the agents bound their own books, this often caused a bottleneck at the binder on a Friday afternoon. When everyone was trying to get their books bound for open homes. Also the presentation of the comb bound document was devaluing the expensive product they were trying to sell.

How did we help them solve the problem?

Adrian our sales manager advised the Thermal Steelbinding machine. Thermal Steelbinding is quickly becoming the preferred method when looking for a premium way to bind documents.

The machine is simple and easy-to-use with no punching required. Colour co-ordinate the spine with your brand or documents to give a modern and stylish finish that far surpasses comb and wire bound documents.

Thermal Steelbinding is perfect when documents are given externally to customers or potential clients. We can also produce branded or personalised covers both in Steelcrystal and VIP hardback Contact Us to find out more.

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Thermal Binding Machine and Supplies

What was the outcome for the Best binding methods Solution?

This solved both the problem with the quality of the presentation, it now looks much more professional and there is no bottleneck at the binder. 6 books can be bound simultaneously in 3 minutes with no punching.

Thermal Steelbinding Case Study

Watch our Thermal Steelbinding machine demo video

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