A4 Laminating Machine – Metal construction uses pouches up to A4 size. Adjustable temperature between 100-160 degrees for varying pouch thicknesses. Laminating speed is 650 mm per minute. 4 Rollers for smoother bubble free laminating. Reverse button for removing jammed documents. With 3 minute warm up time the LM260 A4 Laminating Machine is suitable for ID cards, business cards, greeting cards, photos, certificates, menus, pictures, documents, posters, printing materials, and more.

LM260 A4 Laminating Machine

Welcome to New Zealand Binding, in this video we are going to demonstrate our pouch laminating machine. This machine comes in two models – we have an A4 sized version called the LM260 or an A3 sized version called the LM320. Both machines with their tough metal construction and 4 roller design are perfectly suited to meet the demands of any school or busy office.

To begin laminating turn all three buttons on and wait three minutes for the machine to warm up. The temperature dial should be adjusted depending on the thickness of the pouches you are using. As a guide if you notice small bubbles or a loosely sealed pouch then the temperature is usually too low and if the pouch comes out with wrinkles or warping the temperature is too high.

A good starting point for 80 micron pouches is 110 degrees.

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Take your document and place into the pouch evenly with the pouch opening at the bottom. Carefully feed the pouch into the machine sealed end first, ensuring it goes in straight. The laminating time is approximately 30 seconds for A4 and 40 seconds for A3. Should your document jam these machines come complete with a reverse function, just push the button down to remove the pouch.

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