NZ Laminating machines and pouches are excellent for protecting and extending the life of your paper sheets. At NZ Binding, we specialise in a wide range of office supplies. Learn about how laminator products can add value to your paper pieces.

Protect and Enhance your paper sheets with NZ Laminating pouches

“Should I laminate this document?” This is a common question which we are often asked by our customers and our answer is of course you should! A NZ laminating machine is an excellent solution to present your documents for a very long time. For example a business could laminate certificates, advertising displays, or special event posters.

By using a laminator, you can increase the durability, protect, and add strength to your document. A laminator isn’t just for protecting your paper sheets, it also improves the presentation of your documents. You can easily improve the appearance of your printed pieces as the laminator pouch adds a very professional look to your papers.

Get creative with your Laminator Projects

We’ve discussed the more practical uses of a laminator but you can also get creative with the way you use your machine. We have a lot of customers who use laminators for school activities! Let’s be honest, kids can be a little messy with the way they work. We’ve seen a lot of creative ideas such as laminated printed games of tic tac toe or crosswords.

Laminated activities

Simple yet effective laminator tips from our team

Here’s some great advice, to achieve a perfectly laminated paper piece:

  • Do a test run before you laminate your item, you’ll get an idea of the final result.
  • Clean up your laminated item by trimming the excess edges off.
  • Always use the right sized pouch for your item. For example, A3 pouch for A3 paper.
  • Print your images in high quality, if you’re going to laminate an item it should have a high quality print.

These simple tips will help you laminate like a pro. Feel free to talk to our team if you have any questions about your laminator projects.

Talk to our team about NZ laminating machines and supplies

We have A3 and A4 sizes available for our laminators. These machines are very efficient, it takes just three minutes to heat up and then you’re good to go. The “Artter” brand are well known for their easy handling, waterproofing, and beautiful appearance. This means they are very suitable for ID cards, business cards, pictures, or menus. Remember, you can also use the laminator machines for creative projects such as art pieces at home or even at schools.

Talk to our team at 09-972-0842 or follow the link below for an online enquiry.

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    A4 Laminating Machine 4 Roller LM260

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    A3 Laminating Machine 4 Roller LM320

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  • Laminating pouches

    Laminating Pouches Gloss A4 80 micron

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  • Laminating Pouches Gloss A3 80 micron

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