This month’s Blog post is all about laminating pouches and machines. Every office needs a laminating machine for office documents! Your office can use a laminating machine for lots of uses and purposes. The best advantage for using a laminating machine is you can make your documents, cards and photos last 10 times longer.

Protect your photos and documents with laminating pouches!

Laminating documents and photos offers a protective cover to prevent moisture, fingerprints, stains, marks and other damage.

Lamination also gives better stiffness to a document to make it easy to carry and hold. The document will also be easier to present to your colleagues and customers. When you have signs and notices the lamination also makes it easier to fix to a wall or other surface.

A laminating machine is ideal for a home office, small business, company and schools.

Many offices have to print business documents every week. A great example is a real estate agency. The admin staff need to print off sales reports and the sales reps need great looking flyers and leaflets of the houses they are selling.

Its much quicker and cheaper to print your own documents and use your laminating machine for your customers. Make sure you learn about all the different uses for your new laminationg machine.

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Laminating pouches

Overview of Laminating pouches and machines

It all depends on what you want to laminate. The document, card, photo or object you would like to laminate must be smaller than the laminating machine. You could try using several small laminating pouches however this is not ideal. To make sure you get the best professional look and the highest quality, make sure you compare the different types of laminating machines available.

Artter LM320 A3 Laminating Machine

Artter LM320 A4 Laminating Machine

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5 FREE A4 Laminating Pouches 80mic Gloss

  • Laminating pouches

    Laminating Pouches Gloss A4 80 micron

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The great advantage of this product is that it heats up in only 3 minutes by its super infrared ray heating system. It has special silicone rollers with fast and stable thermal conduction. Furthermore, there are lots of other excellent features such as easy handling, unalterable, waterproof, stronger, and beautiful appearance.

Therefore, “Artter” series hot laminators are suitable for ID cards, business cards, greeting cards, photos, certificates, menus, pictures, documents, posters, printing materials, and lots more. For any questions please give us a call on 09 972 0842. Make sure you visit our Facebook page for our latest products and promotions.


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