Laminating machines are usually recognised as office tools that just seal documents and protect them for longer. We have noticed that these machines however, can do a whole lot more. Here are some awesome examples to get creative with laminating machines:

Use laminating machines for your weekly menu planner

Attempting to finalise a weekly meal/menu planner is always a hassle for parents and can become tedious when around messy or food-fussy kids. This is where laminating starts to solve problems as it makes products last all year long. Simply include a white board marker and some paper towels, and you can reuse the template again and again without wasting paper on printing.

laminating machines for weekly planner

Use laminating machines for your chores list

Chores are an awesome list to laminate, because it will (hopefully) encourage daily use. A chore chart is neccessary to protect to ensure the flatmates and kids don’t destroy it to get out of doing their daily jobs! These chore lists are great to hang up on the fridge and accessorise with magnets for easy navigation and recognition of responsibilities.

Laminating machines for chore list

Use laminating machines for your educational activities

These day’s it is super easy to source activities and games off the internet to entertain the younger ones. However, having such games on digital screens and printed paper doesn’t allow for maximum use.  There are plenty of websites with free printables (see example below) that will allow you to engage your children in a variety of educational games. Laminating these games makes it more durable and easy to transport, pack a few in the road trip and don’t worry about them getting ripped in half!

Laminating machines - kids games

Use laminating machines for your paper dolls

Whilst on the subject of kids’ entertainment, paper dolls is another great addition that requires protection. The hype of paper dolls has been centred around the ease of creation and ability to play dress ups with only paper and scissors! of course it’s a parents dream! But now with the opportunity to get creative with laminating machines, you can dress the dolls up all year round with whiteboard markers, sharpies, and felt tips. Your kids will be able to play til their hearts content without the fear of ripping off an arm (which we all know isn’t worth the tears and tantrums!). Click here for printable paper dolls.

Laminating machines - paper dolls

Use laminating machines for your flowers and leaves

Laminating nature is the new paper. The efforts of preserving beautiful flowers and leaves date back to the 1900’s where the greenery was pressed into those old binded books, yet preserved to no avail. With lamination you can cut around the edges and create multi-purpose, decorative pieces. Whether it’s for magnets on the fridge or for framing them in the living room, these inexpensive works of art will last you a lifetime.

Laminating machines - leaves and flowers

Use laminating machines for your luggage tags

Many luggage and baggage retailers have introduced the add-on of name tags to the counter, which comes at a higher price then expected. This is an easy, do-it-yourself job that will provide results much the same as in the store. Doing it yourself also allows for more creative control for personalisation and originality – you won’t find anyone else with that same bag tag at the airport!

Laminating machines - bag tags

Use laminating machines for your bookmarks

If you haven’t completely transitioned into the digital age (Yes, I’m looking at you Apple iPads and Kindle!) then you’ll know that it is imperative to have a functional, sturdy book mark when getting through that monster book. Folding the ears of the pages is labelled a disgrace to the authors so instead of damaging the book or ripping yesterday’s sushi receipt as a bookmark, design and create one that will last and serve a true purpose. See more book marks to pick from here.

Laminating machines - bookmark

Use laminating machines for your home decoration

This one is a little bit more out of the box, but reaps incredible long-lasting benefits. These flag banners are taking the flat situation by storm in student saturated areas like Wellington and Otago. This is because it adds an inexpensive addition to the home that can change the entire atmosphere. Laminating these pieces will preserve them from dust, dirt, and any tears or rips that may occur through that fast-paced student living zone.

Laminating machines - flags

Use laminating machines for your labels

Why spend time and money searching around for prefabbed labels that you don’t love 100%? Make your own with laminating machines! These labels are extremely easy to make, and super influential in keeping the house organised and tidy. For flatmates, labeling the different areas of the pantry and fridge are a great idea, helping you avoid the dreaded “Oh sorry, I didn’t realise that meal in the fridge was yours!” line.

Laminating machines - labels

Use laminating machines for your photographs

Last but not least we have photographs. Preserving photo’s are getting easier with the introduction of the digital age, however the digital presence of memories will never compare to the physical format of a photograph. We may have passed the Kodak disposable camera days, however polariods and professionally printed photo’s are emerging into societal trends. Protect these with laminating machines to safely protect all sides of the photograph as gluing these into a photo book will damage the photo.

Laminating machines - photos

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