Firstly, A3 and A4 Laminating Pouches are perfect for giving your documents a professional look and feel.

Secondly, laminating your documents will make it easy to present your documents and hand out in meetings.

Laminating your business documents ensures a protective cover.

Perfect against fingerprints, water, pen marks, creases, coffee spills and any other possible stains.

Used by large companies, small businesses, schools, council offices and even building and construction offices.

All businesses benefit from using A3 and A4 Laminating Pouches.

Measure the size of your document to make sure what type of Laminating Pouches you need to use.

Your laminating machine will need to be wider to cover the entire document to be laminated.

NZ Binding supplies High Quality A3 and A4 Laminating Machines.

Hot laminating machines use heated plates or rollers.

We supply 4 Roller Laminating Machines to ensure the best result every time.

A3 Laminating Machine 4 Roller LM320

A4 Laminating Machine 4 Roller LM260

NZ Binding A3 and A4 Laminating Machine Guide.

Both A3 and A4 laminating machines come in two Laminating Machines models.

We sell the A4 sized version called the LM260 Laminating Machine.

And the A3 sized version called the LM320 Laminating Machine.

Above all, these machines have very tough metal construction.

The 4 roller design are perfectly suited to meet the demands of any school or busy office.

To begin laminating turn all three buttons on and wait three minutes for the machine to warm up.

The temperature dial should be adjusted depending on the thickness of the pouches you are using.

As a guide if you notice small bubbles or a loosely sealed pouch then the temperature is usually too low.

If the laminating pouch comes out with wrinkles or warping the temperature is too high.

Heat setting for the 80 micron pouches is 110 degrees.

Laminating Pouches Gloss A4 80 micron

Take your document and place into the pouch evenly with the pouch opening at the bottom.

Carefully feed the pouch into the machine sealed end first, ensuring it goes in straight.

The laminating time is approximately 30 seconds for A4 and 40 seconds for A3.

Should your document jam these machines come complete with a reverse function, just push the button down to remove the pouch.

The Best and Cheapest Laminating Pouches.

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